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    SATA Problem with SONY VAIO VGN-SZ75 on Intel




      I used to happily run Windows XP2 on my VAIO when my Toshiba SATA/ATA-7 drive just died on my and so I purchased a new SATA II Western Digital 320BG a few days ago and decided to give Vista x86 (initially preinstalled OS) and Win 7 x64 a try.


      Chipset is based on Centrino (Santa Rosa):


         Intel(R) Crestline-GM GM965

         Intel(R) ICH8M 3 port Serial ATA Storage Controller - 2828

         Intel(R) ICH8M Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 2850


      The problem I have is that the computer will be very slow, freeze for minutes at time, and overall be unable to play music or video without hanging on randomly.


      Either with Win 7 (x64) or Vista (x86) The Windows Log Event is the key and shows tens of thousands (several occurences a seconds) of this error on IDE Port #2 where the hard drive is located. These are fully synchronized with the slowdowns and freezes I'm getting:


      ----- 8< -----


      Log Name:      System
      Source:        atapi
      Date:          3/28/2011 10:55:37 PM
      Event ID:      11
      Task Category: None
      Level:         Error
      Keywords:      Classic
      User:          N/A
      Computer:      MOGWAI
      The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort2.
      Event Xml:
      <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
          <Provider Name="atapi" />
          <EventID Qualifiers="49156">11</

           <TimeCreated SystemTime="2011-03-29T05:55:37.259Z" />
           <Security />
      ----- 8< -----
      I tried a bit of everything I could think of:
         SMART full check on drive: OK
         AHCI drivers up to date
         All windows update done.
         Antivirus scan fully performed.
         Removed the LPM mode in the Registry.
         Set SATA Start = 0x00000000 in the Registry.
         Uninstalled SONY's HDD protection tool.
      I get a lot more of these errors when perfoming heavy READ operations than WRITE operations.
      The feeling I get is that the VAIO is set to 1.5GB/s (SATA I) and the drive is by default set at 3.0GBs (SATA II) but SONY's BIOS setting are down to the very minimum (basically: you can't change anything), there's not jumper on 2.5" SATA drives to force 1.5GB/s speed. Drive might systematically try 3Gb/s and be told to move to SATA-only compatibility at EACH access.
      So... I'm looking at something on INTEL's chipset side, at the AHCI level or something like that. Right now Windows shows the drive to run as "Ultra DMA Mode 5", or any piece of advice before I bring the Western Digital drive back (Scorpio Black) and try my luck with another brand...
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          As a follow-up...


          The original HDD will not be recognized by the BIOS but works fine when put in an external USB enclosure.

          I tried to replace the HDD connection cable but things actually got worse... Go figure.


          I now believe I might have damaged the HDD connection on the motherboard in one way or another.

          Laptop will keep freezing if I do too many HDD accesses and makes working with it a nightmare.


          Replacing the motherboard would cost more than buying a brand new one. Probably time to move on :-(