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    Problem with Q8300 Core 2 Quad


      Hi there! I'm new to the forum so please forgive any mistakes I might make!


      This is a little bit long winded but I'll keep it as brief as I can.


      We bought a Intel CPU Core 2 Quad Q8300 Quad Core 2.50GHz 4M Cache 1333MHz LGA775 from an online store around 15 months ago. We put it together with all the parts we had and we had no graphical input come up on the screen. At that time, we figured our graphics card was outdated (It was a X1600 by ATi) and as the motherboard (An Asus P5QL Pro) had no on-board graphics, we thought to try a newer graphics card.

      We tried it with an nVidia 8800GT, only replacing the graphics card in the set-up, and there was no graphics still.


      So, we left it for a while, disappointed to say the least but we had no funds to buy another motherboard, which we thought was the issue. We since had a power failure with the older system, but the Q8300 was just left in the P5QL Pro motherboard, untouched.


      Last week I finally decided I wanted a whole new system, but to use our Core 2 Quad with it.


      We just plugged everything in over the course of today, including a new heat sink for the Q8300. Bearing in mind, in the system mentioned below, the only part that wasn't new (although unused) is the Q8300.



      CPU: Intel CPU Core 2 Quad Q8300

      HDD: Western Digital 500GB hard disk drive SATA II 300 7200rpm 16MB

      RAM: Corsair memory DDR3 1333MHz 4GB kit of 2x240 pin

      Heat Sink: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 Fan Intel Socket 1366 1156 775

      Motherboard: Gigabyte motherboard GA-G41M-COMBO LGA775 DDR2 DDR3 mATX

      Case: Coolermaster Case Elite 430

      GPU: Asus GeForce GT440 1GB GDDR5

      PSU: Corsair PSU 750W CMPSU-750TX


      I have tried two different monitors. The first one is a Philips 17" screen that acknowledges it's plugged into something, but says 'No graphical input'. The second is a Wacom Cintiq 21UX (2010 edition) which also says no graphical input.


      We plugged both monitors, using a VGA cable and a DVI cable, into both the onboard D-Sub and the GPU's D-Sub and DVI sockets. Still nothing.


      As the only item which has been carried over, I am guessing the problem part is the CPU.


      We are considering contacting for a repair for the CPU, but in the mean time, I was considering purchasing another Q8300 or the Q8400 (we need a 775 socket and I really want a good cpu - so I only have two options for Core 2 Quad. I'd buy an i7 but I have this motherboard now).


      Could I ask, do you people think that it's the processor that's the issue, and is it a heard-before problem? Also the fact I need to have one within a couple of days (I'm starting my final degree animation next week and my laptop cant run my Photoshop CS4!! Hence me treating myself!) and cant wait around for this one to be repaired - is it worth buying another one? (My boyfriend needs a processor, too, to update his old PC, so it would go to use should it come back repaired)


      Thanks in advance!



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          Please keep in mind that we do not repair processors, every defective processor that arrives to our warranty replacement center is automatically destroyed after physical inspection to determine physical damage.

          If there is physical damage, the processor will be returned to the customer, if not, then it will be destroyed to prevent misusage.

          According to the issue that you are reporting, it does not seem to be the processor, however if you have already replaced the motherboard and tested different video card, then you might want to contact our local support center for a warranty replacement.

          You can find local support contact information at:


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            Well, we have tried two different motherboards, three different graphics cards, two different power supplies and multiple monitors and hard drives, and it's the same issue each time, the only constant being the processor!

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              A few suggestions about your problem.  Your Gigabyte mother board has built-in graphics, so I would suggest trying the PC with that at first.  Do not put your other graphics card in yet.  Since your mother board has built in graphics, in order to use your separate graphics card you must change a setting in the BIOS before it will work. I hope you had the PC off when changing the cables to your monitors, as doing that with the PC on might damage the mother board.


              Going over the basics here.  Are both the 24 pin and four pin power connectors connected from the PS to the board?  I would check that your memory is on the memory support list for your board, that is important.  Your board is specified to use 1333MHz memory when over clocked, if that is the standard speed programmed into the memory's SPD data, that might be a problem.  If you have some other memory from the other PC, such as DDR2, I would try that to see if it will start. Check out the product page for your board on Gigabytes web site.


              Does your mother board have a speaker on it or attached?  Are you hearing any beeps when you attempt to start the PC, if there is a problem with something you will hear multiple beeps in a pattern, or one short beep if everything is Ok.  If you don't have a speaker, you need one that connects to the mother board.


              I would install everything you have except the separate video card, attach and turn on a monitor, being sure to change to the D-Sub input on the monitor if necessary, and start the PC.  You should see the POST screen and be able to enter the BIOS by pressing the DEL key.  But that has been your problem, nothing to the monitor, correct?


              If you hear a beep code, check the manual for what it means and go from there.


              If the first attempt fails, put in the video card and try again.  If you still get nothing, it is possible that the CPU is bad.  As you now know, they are not repairable, and you'll need to deal with sending it back to Intel or see what their support suggests you try, or Gigabyte too.


              I have a Q8300 CPU in an Intel mother board with the G45 chipset (similar to yours) with built in graphics, and it works fine, never any video problems.  I am not aware of any well known problems with this CPU.


              Will you be installing Windows on your drive?

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                Hi there, sorry for the late reply


                We ordered another Q8300 and it worked just fine. In fact, been using this system for weeks and it's amazing!


                In answer to your questions, everything was plugged in and double checked perfectly, which is why we were so confused. It wasn't showing images with either the on board graphics OR the graphics card. I had tried two different graphics 'plugs' as it were, because my Wacom Cintiq has both.


                But with the first processor, there were no graphics whatsoever with any combination at all, with on-board graphics or a graphics card. No beeps either. I'm assuming its faulty.


                And yes, I installed Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate c: