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    DQ965GF memory installation




      I have a system with DQ965GF chipset and Q6600 CPU. It has 2x 1GBs of RAM 667 (Kingston). I've just bought 2x 2GBs 800 (Kingston) and tried to install on my system. But I got a problem is I couldn't make 4 RAMs work together. If I install 4 of them (2GB-1GB-2GB-1GB), the screen is black, no beeps. Then I removed 1 GB and it worked, the system has 5GB of memory. I thought the memory slot or the RAM itself has been damaged. But when I tried the RAM on another slot or removed another RAM and put on previous slot, both ways worked. I just couldn't get 4 of them work. It works when I install any 3 RAM on any 3 slots.


      If anyone have solution for this, please let me know. It will be very appriciated.


      Sorry for my bad english, I'm not an english speaker.



      Thanks in advance!

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          I had 2x1GB 667 and 2x1GB 800 Crucial on that board at one time.  If you check the Vista or Win 7 experience scores you will find that graphics scores and possibly processor score will rise with the 800 alone installed.  The 5GB setup is mismatched even if it works, sacrificing some performance.

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            so are you saying that there is no way i can make 4 of them work? If i want to run with 4 slots, I have to buy another pair of 800s?

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              The product guide describes memory configurations for up to 8GB (should be on the installation disk or online).

              All four slots worked on my 965WH.  I'd still be using it if I hadn't ended up with an extra DG45ID.  The graphics slot was also damaged by another component.

              I had Kingston myself long ago and it seemed fine.  Single channel doesn't bother some people but you could check the scores.  For more advanced tests see the recent BeHardware discussion (where channels discussed mean CPU).  Those tests probably cost.

              Three DIMMs

              Install a matched pair of DIMMs equal in speed and size in DIMM 0 (blue) and DIMM 1

              (black) of channel A. Install a DIMM equal in speed and total size of the DIMMs

              installed in channel A in either DIMM 0 or DIMM 1 of channel B (see Figure 15).

              Figure 15. Dual Channel Memory Configuration Example 3


              All other memory configurations will result in single channel memory operation.



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                Definitely try the 667 in the first slots.  The system should run at the slowest speed but this sometimes helps.  While you're at it, test the scores with the 800 in first slots and compare with only the 667 and then 667 + 800.

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                  hi Curious592,



                  thanks for your helps, but I did somehow get them work, no idea what happened. But I did download the new bios and upgraded mine. Then I tried to install the 4th RAM and powered on but it was blank again. After that, I restarted and pressed F2 for bios settings and guess what, it started to show up.


                  A few hours after I found that I forgot to attach the DVD IDE so I attached it and it was blank. I had to press F2 again (hoping it would work) and it worked.


                  So, in my opinions, when I attach some new devices, the system will need to regconize them for the first run. It may work on the second run (a bit slower than before, just like when we use new equipments :D).



                  Anyway thanks again for your helps, curious!