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    Low network perfomance on S5520HC + Intel 10 Gigabit AT


      Two servers (MB S5520HC, CPU Xeon E5630, RAM 8GB, Intel 10 Gigabit AT Server Adapter) are connected directly with cat 6 cable via 10GbE interface. Windows 2008R2 with latest updates, latest driver versions are installed on both of the servers. Also the BIOS’s are updated to the latest 55 version.
      I performed bandwidth tests with iperf and the maximum value that I could get was 6 gigabits per second.
      The NICs are OK. If I put them to computers with core i5 processors and gigabyte motherboards, with the same Windows OS version and the same NIC drivers – I am able to get 9.5 gigabits per second on the same ipef tests.
      With the Intel servers described above, I tired different settings for BIOS and driver parameters, I tried 54 and 55 BIOS versions and several driver versions. Also I tried to install SELES instead of Windows 2008R2, and Windows 2003R2 SP2 with the latest drivers and updates, but again the maximum value was 6 Gb/s.
      Also I performed the following test: installed iSCSI server on one of the servers, created RAM disk, connected it to the second server via 10GbE interface, performed iometer tests with different settings (workers 8-16, # of outstanding I/Os 1-64, 64K-256K sequential read and write test) and again the maximum performance was 750MB/s (or 6Gb/s) and the network utilization in task manager  was 60%.

      The NICs are in the tested hardware list:
      but the configuration does not work properly…