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    Intel DP67BG - Dynamic CPU Voltage


      Have been playing around with this MB for a while now and have some questions.


      The MB is running my 2600K stable at 4.6GHz, and was quite easy to get there.  Now I am trying to fine tune it and there appear to be a few BIOS issues.


      Droop I first didn´t have a big issue with but it is starting to be a small issue.  To get to the 4.6GHz I run it on a Vcore of 1.41 in BIOS.  V-Droop on performance.  On the desktop I get Vcore in Extreme Tuning at 1.415-1.425V which is OK, but when the CPU is stressed it drops down to 1.33V and manages all types of loads (Intel Burn Test, Prime 95, Handbrake, gaming and so on).  So if the CPU is running fine at 4.6GHz with 1.33V I shouldn´t have to run it at 1.41V just sitting with one core active on the desktop.


      So in order to fix this I figured I´d try moving to Dynamic Voltage setting instead of Static.  Reading the Intel OC and tuning guide, you are supposed to set a load voltage so I tried 1.31V and then you use the turbo voltage offset, in my case 100mV.  The problem is the voltages go bananas.  I started the Intel Stress Test in Extreme Tuning and the Vcore went up to 1.55-1.58V before I could switch it off.  Am I doing something wrong or is this function flawed?


      It would be quite nice if you could just simply set the static voltage to 1.3V and then add an turbo boost offset of +.1V to that, why isn´t that possible?


      Any suggestions on how I can get my idle voltage down to say 1.3V and load voltage to kick in with turbo boost and generate 1.41V (well actually 1.35V should do just fine as long as there is no drooping, which there unfortunately is).