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    i7 950 Compatibiltiy


      Hi All, just a couple quick questions. I am building a new system and want to make sure I get the right components. I have a Gigabyte motherboard, GA-X58-USB3 (r1), I was planning on getting an Intel i7-950 processor and I just want to make sure they are compatible, from what I read they should be. Also, I want to get Corsair memory CMX8GX3M2A1333C9, I am pretty sure this is compatible with the motherboard but it is 1333 memory and the processor says it only supports 800/1066, will this memory still work but just at reduced performance or will it not work at all?



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          Regarding the compatibility between the processor and the motherboard, I would suggest contacting the motherboard manufacturer since they are the ones that determine the compatibility between the motherboard and the processor.


          Regarding the memory, it will run at a slower clock speed, in this case 1066 since it will be limited by the processor, but you need to make sure that the RAM is fully compatible with the motherboard.