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    How do I upgrade the BIOS on my S5500BC motherboard?


      Hello folks,


      I've just received a new Intel Motherboard S5500BC with 1cpu and 16GIG ram. First thing i wish to do is update the BIOS to make sure that it's all up to date. Secondly, the FANS are so noisy! I can't even speak to my collegues - so I'm guessing this might be related to the BIOS. The motherboard is in an Intel Chasis SC5650DP.


      So, I installed Windows 2008 Server R2 (Sp1) and then downloaded the Intel® One Boot Flash Update Utility S5500_WIndows_4_2

      I then extracted that and ran Windows_OFU970_B17\OFU\Setup_Win.exe .. which copied a bunch of files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Flashupdt.


      Now, in the command line, when I try to run Flashupdt.exe .. it's asking for a flash/bios (config?) file. er.........................................


      this is where I'm stuck. What file is this? and where do i grab it from?


      I just thought it would be easier to update everything via windows, that EFI because I've never done an EFI bios update before. I'm happy to do that, if people say that's easier.


      I sincerly hope this fixes my FAN issues.


      I read somewhere that maybe some SDR setting is not right? what's that? how can i check that and/or change that to tell the motherboard that the chasis is an intel chasis?


      So many questions! I sincerly hope someone can help!



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          Since you already have the OFU utility installed, download the firmware package here, extract it to a temperary folder, and run the following command:


          flashupdt -u  <package folder name>


          Say if you extract the firmware package to C:\Temp, just run


          flashupdt -u C:\Temp


          The utility should be able to detect your Intel chassis automatically. If not, you'll be asked and just select the correct one in the list.

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            Thank you kindly Edward for the prompt reply


            I'll give this a go when I get back to the office, first thing tomorrow morning. Looking at the download page/link you provided, I failed to filter by OS Independent .. which is how I missed the link.


            Maybe if the download pages for the windows firmware program might mention this, might help other newbies in the future.

            eg. FIRMWARE is not provided in this download. Please go here (link) for that latest firmware, etc.




            On a side note, if my extremly noisy fans problem isn't fixed with the bios update, i'll start a new thread .. but ... while I have your attention ... what is this SDR setting some people are talking about? I've got the impression that it's part of the BIOS update ... but i'm not sure what to expect? Gosh my fans are loud! never heard a computer so loud (and i've seen a few servers in my time)...

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              Hi Edward.


              thanks for the link. BIOS upgrade worked perfectly. It also detected my Intel Chasis and after it rebooted, the fans went from 10000000% loud down to normal quiet levels. Thanks