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    Win7  SP1 broke DX58SO WAN miniport Network Monitor


      I am  running 64bit Win7 on a DX58SO motherboard with the latest bios and board drivers downloaded from intel.- Win7 has all of the updates installed. After I installed SP1 I noticed that I had a yellow exclamation mark  by the network adapters icon in the device manager applet with the error displayed as:


      WAN Miniport (Netwprk Monitor) #2

      This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)


      The drivers as identified in the properties sheet (ndistapi.sys and ndiswan.sys) are in fact located in their proper location in Windows/System32/Drivers/


      Does anyone have an idea how to fix this...I searched the site but nothing similar showed up.


      I tried to uninstall the Wan Miniport to see if a restart would load the drivers but Windows would not allow it to be deleted. My network is working OK - what exactly does the Network Monitor do?


      Thanks for any help