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    eSata with DG43NB


      How do I connect an eSata external drive to my machine? The DG43NB board, as I understand it, doesn't have an eSata socket. So I've got a PCI-express card, generic, cheap, marked "sata II/RAID' "SL3132 VERc". Nothing happens.

      I've browsed a lot of discussions here and, frankly, I don't understand most of what is said. I tried changing the BIOS setting (advanced/drive config/config sata) from ide to ahci; but then Windows 7 would not open. Startup Repair was unable to fix anything. So back to square one.

      Question: is there something simple that stupid here isn't doing? Or has Intel got a problem with eSata? Or is there some hardware or software thing that I should know?