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    Intel HD graphics Maximum DVMT in BIOS



           The BIOS settings for video configuration shows DVMT memory sizes 128mb or 256 mb or maximum DVMT.

      Is there any way i can fix the memory to 512 mb or 1 gb constant instead of Maximum DVMT?

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          Hello  shreyas,


          I see that you are inquiring about the fixed maximum shared video memory options in BIOS and if you are able to select different values from the ones listed.


          In regards to your inquire this will depend on the motherboard manufacturer and the amount of memory installed on your computer.

          Currently most of systems on the market will only have those options, please note that this is the maximum RAM memory that the video controller will take when required.


          Unfortunately you are only able to select between those presets.



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            I have a DH67GD motherboard with a core i5 2500.

            In the bios settings there is an option to set DVMT to 128MB, 256MB, or MAX DVMT. (1696MB, information given by Intel graphics panel).

            Looking at the information panel of Intel graphics, we can see the size of allocated memory to DVMT, going higher following windows openings.

            Selecting 256MB in the bios or MAX DVMT seems to have no effect when looking at this panel,  I was capable to make the memory increase higher than 400MB with the bios setting to  256MB (limit ?) and the Information panel still tells me that the maximum is 1696MB.

            I have no need to lock the use to 256MB but I would appréciate to know how this feature works and if it really works.

            Is there some other setting somewhere taking over the bios one ?

            Is it necessary to reinstall the graphics driver to take into account a new bios setting ?

            Other ?


            Operating system: Windows 7 64bit home premium edition, Intel graphics latest at this time (

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              These are to different things. Read the manual.

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                Thanks to answer, but I dont understand what you mean, if it is clear for you maybe can you add few words ?

                Do you mean that what I see in Intel graphics panel DVMT use has nothing to do with the IGD DVMT setting in the bios ?

                The manuals I have already searched in, are not speaking a lot about DVMT and the bios setting about DVMT.

                My understanding is in line with the two first posts, except that what I observe is not.

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                  DVMT= Dynamic Video Memory Technology





                  DVMT automatically allocates System memory for the integrated GPU. As far as I know in Vista/Windows 7 DVMT is enabled on default.


                  And to your initial question I quote the manual of my Board: "This item will not be used under
                  Windows® VistaTM / 7 OS because the driver will intelligently detect
                  physical memory available and allocate necessary video memory".



                  In summary, you can't change DVMT under Window 7. But I see no reason to lower the size. You might lower the shared RAM size.

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                    Thanks a lot for taking your time to explain.

                    Following your first answer I got the same page as the one of the link you give, and read the overview of DVMT for one of  the chipsets (915) because nothing is available for Sandy Bridge.

                    I understood that the parameters in bios are probably for pre-allocated memory, in the case of an operating system not compatible with DVMT.

                    My remaining question was if this memory allocation has some effect when using a DVMT compatible OS as windows 7, and the manual of your board says no.

                    The two manuals of my DH67GD dont say anything about this, only one occurence of  the word DVMT, to say that it supports the feature.

                    Thanks, my question is answered.

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                      Hello!  i have a Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family


                      but when i get into the BIOS the DVMT won't appear

                      where should i look?or what should i do?

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                        Hi Mehdi_Messaoudi,


                        Depending on the BIOS of the computer then the way DVMT option will appear.


                        You can try looking for Dynamic Video Memory Technology or Graphics Memory.  There is a chance the computer manufacturer has hidden that option so; nobody can edit it. I recommend contacting the computer manufacturer so; they can let you know if it is possible or not to change DVMT settings in that specific computer model.

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                          I have a an option called optical memory disk but as soon as i click on it the BIOS would just redirect me to running windows !

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                            I want to limit/set the max memory used by the intel gpu (mobile intel gma 4500mhd) on my laptop (Samsung x360).


                            I found a relevant setting in the bios that let me set it one of auto, 128mb, 256mb or max.


                            no matter what I set it to the driver will always state that "shared system memory: 1260mb" thus not respecting my bios setting option limiting to 128/256mb or ram.


                            is there a setting on the driver ( that I can change so that it honors/respects this bios setting?


                            the reason I want to limit the memory used is because I have 4gb ram installed and using windows 7 32bit. so, with this driver setting I only less than 3gb or ram.


                            please advise.


                            best regards,



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                              In most cases, the computer manufacturer has already configured the system to use the maximum amount of graphics memory that is possible for your particular computer model. Below is a URL that explains what is the maximum amount of graphics memory your graphics controller could use:


                              Graphics memory frequently asked questions:


                              Graphics Drivers — Graphics Memory FAQ For Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1*


                              Graphics Drivers — Graphics Memory FAQ for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7*


                              Intel makes available generic versions of the Intel(R) graphics drivers.  However, Intel always recommends that you check with your computer manufacturer and use the latest Intel graphics driver provided by your computer manufacturer.  Your computer manufacturer may have altered the features, incorporated customizations, or made other changes in the drivers they provide for your computer.


                              If you have already tried the latest driver from your computer manufacturer and would like to try instead the generic Intel(R) graphics driver, you may download the latest generic driver from the Intel Download Center:

                              Intel® Download Center

                              Select your operating system version and download the latest.


                              Intel recommends checking with your computer manufacturer if there are any tips on increasing the amount of graphics memory for your specific computer model.



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                                Don't worry about DVMT PreAllocated.  it is a left over from XP days... For Vista and later, driver obtains all the memory it needs directly from the OS.



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                                  I can refuse this, my HD 3000 doesn't go further than 400MB in a system x64 with 6GB of RAM