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    CPUs Supported On My System


      I have an Acer Aspire M1640, with an Intel Pentium Dual-core E2180 CPU (2 GHz, two cores). I want to upgrade my processor, but I need to know if my choices are compatible with my system. These are the CPUs I am looking at buying (one of them):

      - Intel Pentium Dual-core E5400

      - Intel Pentium Dual-core E5500

      - Intel Pentium Dual-core E5700

      - Intel Pentium Dual-core E5800


      I already know all of these processors have an 800 MHz FSB (as per my motherboard), and use the LGA775 socket. I need to know if there may be any other compatibility issues.


      Note: I am not sure which CPUs my BIOS will support either. I have an American Megatrends R01-B4 BIOS, which was released in December of 2008. I know some of these CPUs were released later than that. I need to know if they will work with my BIOS.


      By the way, does anyone have an opinion as to which of these CPUs is the better one? I would think the E5800 is the best, as it has the fastest core clock.


      I have already tried contacting Acer support, but they don't know enough about Intel processors to tell me what I needed. As well, American Megatrends doesn't offer any information on their BIOSs. This is my 'last resort'.


      Thanks for any help in advance,


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          Just an added note: you can find more information on all these CPUs on the Intel website (as one might expect).


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            Acer can't tell you which processors their system supports?

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              Mass produced systems such as Acer, Dell, Gateway, etc. use manufacturer proprietary motherboards and proprietary BIOS's. With proprietary components, i.e. boards and BIOS's only the manufacturer for who the board was manufactured can tell you positively which processors are supported.

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                I tried out the CPU (Pentium Dual-core E5800) and it works fine. The BIOS recognizes it and it runs properly. The only thing is that the 'thermal solution' has mounting sockets that don't fit properly with my motherboard. This results in the whole assembly being loosely attached and eventually only held on by the thermal paste. Other than related heat dissipation issues, I'm fine.


                P.S: I am considering reverting to the original heatsink and fan as it fits properly on the motherboard. As well, it is taller, and the fan is slightly larger. I think it would provide better cooling.


                Thanks for all the support,


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                  Hey, as I mentioned I just installed a new Intel Pentium Dual-core E5800 CPU in my system. Now I am wondering about the heat sink/fan choice.


                  My old (original) heat sink and fan assembly looks like this: (cone on left fits on top of assembly on right)



                  While the 'thermal solution' I got with my new processor is this one:



                  The main difference is that the heat sink is taller in my old one, and there is a cone on top of the fan to direct airflow.


                  I installed the assembly that came with the CPU (second one) as it was 'designed for this CPU'. Now that I think about it, I want to switch back to the old one, as it appears to be more powerful and effective. Any opinions on this idea?


                  As well, I don't know much in the world of thermal paste/grease. Any suggestions on what to look for and how to use?


                  Thanks for the assistance,