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    SM Bus Controller Driver




      I have a HP Media Center m7177 PC that I neede to do a full XP Professional reinstall on.  I have found all of the drivers except for a SM Bus Controller which is showing a yellow ?.  The PC is 6 years old and HP has archived all of the drivers for this model.  They referred me to AMD telling me that this a communication bus for the ATI Radeon video card.  I went to AMD and they have also archived everything that old.


      Make a long story short, after a lot of google searches, I ended up here and used Intel diagnostic update utility tool to identify that I need  the following:


      INF Update Utility - Primarily for Intel® 6, 5, 4, 3, 900 Series Chipsets   But the version indicated is (or maybe 1022, I can't remember now and am on a different PC).  Unfortunately, Intel has also archived the chipset however they do have version available.


      My question is, can I use this latest version in lu of the version identified?


      Thank you in advance for your answer

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          Go for it.


          The package contains a lot of drivers for a lot of chipsets.

          Chances are the 6 year old chipset has not been updated in the last couple years , so you will end up with the same driver as the earlier package.


          If iif by some chance it has been updated, the newer version likleys works better any way.

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            Thank you Doc,


            You have provided a cure.  I appreciate your answer.  The SM Bus Controller is now operational.  i only hope that the other updated drivers from this updated chipset do not cause conflict but with a couple days of testing I have not seen any negative impact at all.



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              What is the reason or answer when this happens: You download the utility from Intel, it finds an update for you, then when you download the update you get an error message telling you "computer does not meet minimum requirements".
              Does this mean I have an antique for a computer and I need to start shopping?
              It it possible that something else can be done?


              Thanks in advance for your help,

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                I would really need the specifics on what was down loaded and your system specs.


                In General. the update utility check your mother board type and what code is loaded (drivers, bios , etc.) then checks against a list to see if newer is advaiable.

                The answer is Yes, so you down load it.


                Now when you get ready to install the "whatevercode", the specific installer check for full hardware compatability. (os version & service packs, memory, processors, directX, etc.or even if your specific revision of the board has the device that is trying to be updated)


                The second install may then fail if something is not right with the error message: "computer does not meet minimum requirements".


                This is a very generic error message.