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    Intel Chipset 4 Driver causes Blackout/Freeze




      I recently acquired a Toshiba Satellite T115-S1100 notebook.  The original owner of 15 months gave up on it as he could not get it to load W-7 at the point of video testing.  I successfully installed W-7 with the HDD in another notebook and transferred it and got video to work using generic drivers at 1024x768 emulation.  The unit has an Intel 4500M graphics accelerator and three GB ram that appears fine.  Whenever, and whatever Intel Chipset 4 driver is installed, either latest version from Intel or Toshiba website, the video will crash and unit will freeze.


      This situation occured before any other software other than W-7 was installed.


      At the emulation above I am able to stream video via Netflix wirelessly albeit at a lower quality continuously.


      My understanding is that the original owner ran HD video to a flat panel monitor.


      So - Does anyone have suggestions as to why this unit freezes with the driver software installed and chipset activated?  Freeze occurs at or around password screen at startup.


      Thank you for your suggestions,



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          Hello. I have as well a problem with Intel Chipset 4 Control Panel. Since I went there once and reseted the monitor to default settings, caused my monitor not being able to re arange it's positioning on the screen, and image is outlined, to mention that all this happend with Lenovo T400 and external ThinkVision monitor. How can I reset all settings made by the Intel Control panel? Since this should help. I do not see other options left.