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    VT-d enabled with intel SRCSAS144e (lsi8344elp)


      Dying to safe energy at home so want to make 2 machines into 1.



      This will mean: moving an LSI-array into my ESXi server.


      To keep access to this LSI8888elp device i want turn on VT-d and give the device away to a virtual machine on top of it.



      As soon as i turn it on, ESX looses the DataStore running on the SRCSAS144e.



      This is the config:


      ASUS DBEG-DG + L5420 * 2

      24 GB FB-DIMM

      SRCSAS144e + WD500 * 4 (datastore)

      Already updated the firmwares to the latest level(s) (used the latest LSI for the intel card).



      I tried to create Arrays in a differrent order (large VD0, boot VD1), as i've read this in some thread using a PERC5 controller, no luck.


      As soon ESXi (4.1u1) starts, it forgets it's datastore and is even unable to add it manually.


      Any trick or info regarding this?