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    How do I solve the darkness on an updated Intel Chipset 965 for Gateway GZ7108TV


      Good evening,

      I just joined this community hoping to find a solution for my problem.

      As mentioned, I have a Gateway all in one computer NOT designed for gaming of course, but my son "donated" his FS2004 to me a couple of years ago so I have been hooked.

      Today I got a message from FS2004 that it could not start because the Graphics card needed to be updated, so I had the system look for the update needed, proceeded to install, and upon restarting the computer noticed right away that the screen was considerably darker than before, and evn trying the graphic card settings fro brightness and color would not help. It almost looked dull, greyish, like a film was superimposed on the actual screen.

      Is there something I can do to fix that. Right now I uninstalled the driver and have not reinstalled it.

      What can I do?  Thanks.