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    DH67BL, BOSD and video studder


      I just built a new HTPC with a DH67BL, Core i7 2600K and 64 bit Windows 7.  I have had at least a dozen different BOSD's and when I am trying to play back recorded WTV video, it freezes after about 2 minutes.  I have run Memory Checker in Win 7 and it found no errors.  I was having the same problems, so i reformated my drive and I still have the same issues.  I do not have any other hardware connected to the system other than a silicon dust dual tuner connected over the netowork.  I have not installed any additional software, so I assume it is either bad motherboard, memory or a driver issue.  I have the drivers updated to 3/25.  Has anyone else encountered these issues or have builds simular that are working correctly?  Thanks.

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          Ive had a few BSODs, but its based around the loading of the 2321 drivers over HDMI. What are your video drivers?


          My hardware is the same spec as yours.


          Another thing I have noticed is green dots and lines occassionally coming up whilst watching DVBT broadcasts in Media Centre using a PCIE Quad TV Tuner.

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            I was using the 2321 drivers and have reverted to the 2219 video drivers.  I have only had one blue screen since then and that was when i was installing the driver.  Everything seems to be working correctly and I have not had any more crashes.  I do have an issue where AVI playback will studder occasionally, though I beleive that this is a known issue that was fixed in a later release.  The  wtv studder is not in this driver release.  I am using the DVI to HDMI connection to a HDTV running at 1080P.  I am convinced that the video drivers need serious work and am shocked that these releases. I hope they release something stable soon.

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              i am using DH67BL board with intel core i5 2400 processor and first installed windows 7 64 bit and was having very frequent BSOD problem

              then i installed windows xp in which i could not install graphic driver because of incompatbility and mechine worked for one month with out even one BSOD but ow i again installed windows 7 32 bit and installed all the drivers with intel motherboard cd and having BSOD problem again

              i feel that problem may be bacause of graphics driver and the driver i am using is


              Driver Revision:
                October 6, 2010


              please help me