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    3d Receiver Problems


      Hi guys, I'm new here and I'm hoping someone has a cure for my problem.  Here it is:


      I just put together a new I3 Sandy Bridge HTPC with the hopes of playing 3d videos on my Samsung 8000 plasma.  Well everything works correctly except the fact that I can not display the 3d signal to my tv.  When I check the graphics info it refers to my receivers info.  I have a Pioneer 1120 (3d compliant).  The description comes up as 1120 digital tv.  I've done some research and found the EDID info is from the Pioneer receiver and not from the tv.  I can get the EDID info from the receiver and also from the tv by connecting the tv directly to the HTPC.  I've even tried saving the tv's EDID info to a inf file and using it as the driver but still not working.  When I go to monitor settings it says there is an override, but doesn't act as if it works.  I've also read that Intel graphics doesn't do well with overriding EDID info.


      I specifically chose this setup as it is low power consumption, silent, and powerful enough to do 3d.


      I would appreciate any help you guys could give me.  Thank you in advance.