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    HD Graphics has issues with VGA output to TV


      I just upgraded my computer and I'm using the integrated graphics controller that is bundled with the Asus P8H67-V B3 and Core i5 2500K processor. I have a DELL U2311H monitor that is connected to the DVI connector and has no issues so far and a Samsung 40' LCD TV model LN40C550 that has some issues.

      First, with the latest driver and an HDMI connection Windows 7 x64 crashes. That seems to be known so I reverted to an older driver.

      With the other driver and HDMI cable the image quality isn't any good. I knew this would happen as HDMI quality seems to be not that good with all the setups I saw until now.

      With the VGA output the image is distorted and I can't seem to fix it (see following link). This doesn't happen with an nVidia 9400GT that was the one I was using before.



      Do anybody know what could be? What can I do?

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          You have set tv screen size to:  ScreenFit. P.Size on remote, or goto Picture Options -> Size. I have the same Samsung tv and i dont have proble if i set screen size to screen fit.

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            Thanks for the reply!


            You mean when connected by D-SUB?

            I don't have such option. I only have 16:9 and 4:3 with P.SIZE and 4:3 makes issue even worse.

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              I'm still having this issue even when I tried the new driver available at INTEL download site.

              I don't know who to blame, INTEL or SAMSUNG but I didn't have such issue with nVidia and ATI cards.

              Nobody has this issue? No other tips?

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                Hi there!


                Did you try installing TV monitor drivers?


                I understand that some LCD's require drivers to display appropriately even when connecting through VGA port.


                If device manager is detecting your monitor as “Plug and Play Monitor" or “Generic PnP Monitor”, then the drivers are not installed. In that case, contact the monitor manufacturer in order to obtain the .INF file to install the driver. Once you have the .INF, right-click on "Plug and Play Monitor" or “Generic PnP Monitor” and choose "Update Driver", and refer to the monitor's .INF file.





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                  When you try to set it up, you should have to go to the display Devices and set up the Dual Display.  You should have two displays.  One as a Monitor and one as a Digital Television.  You also have to set the Refresh Rate and aspect ratio.  Display rate should equal the HDTV like 60 or 120.  60 is standard TV low setting, some HDTV's are faster.  For VGA you may try 60.


                  I have a Samsung LN40C500F3F and I set mine up differently.  I have my Dell 720p monitor plugged into VGA because that is all it can handle.  Then I plugged a DVI to HDMI converter into my DVI plug and a HDMI cord that goes to my TV's only HDMI  in PORT.  Works great.  I adjusted my TV setting to match the display RATIO on my Computer.  If you exceed the setting for your video then it can cause problems.  Normal TV Herz is 60.  You might want to start there.  I have no clue what all the specifics on the standard on CPU HD 2000/3000 specifics for TV output.


                  Try Adjusting the TV a bit.  I dont know what the max resolution is for VGA out to a TV.  The resolution may be less than HDTV 1080.  It may be different for a monitor and a TV.


                  Try playing with it a bit.  I am using my motherboard Intel DG35EC which has integrated HD grapics (720p).


                  You may get better results with a video card.  I dont see why you cant get Dual Display to work with HDMI.

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                    You sure you cant RMA that motherboard? Maybe it is the motherboard.  I have switched from Asus to Intel Motherboards.  Dont overclock at all because I think it is a waste of time.  Overclocking may be causing problems.  Are you overclocking?