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    Problema E5800 - Problem with E5800


      Ciao a tutti, ho recentemente cambiato processore , passato da E5300 a E5800. Ho questa scheda madre, ASUS p5kpl-AM e con alcuni giochi avevo degli scatti improvvisi, ho fatto i test del processore, tutti e 2 senza problemi. Bios aggiornato, come potrei risolvere? Devo cambiare scheda madre? Fatemi sapere, grazie.


      Hi, i recently changed my processor, from E5300 to E5800, and i have this motherboard, Asus p5kpl-AM, and playing some games it freezes, i did some processors test from download section, and everything appears ok. I updated the bios too, What i should do? Do i have to change my motherboard? Let me know it, thank you.

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          I would suggest making sure that the motherboard is fully compatible with the E5800, please check the following website for compatibility information between your motherboard and our processors.


          If the processor is not listed as supported, it will not work properly. We strongly recommend installing a fully supported processor for your motherboard.

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            I would like to change motherboard, but i'm not finding anyone that supports that, is this possible?

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              If you check the voltages in the bios you will find one of them in red and this is your problem. the board does not support the cpu. hope this helps. sat009

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                Nothing is red in my bios, but i write here all the value, you can say me if something is wrong.


                Plug and play : Yes

                PCI latency 64  (is it right?)

                IRQ to PCI VGA YES

                palette snooping yes


                CPUMATP settings enabled

                C1E support enabled

                max cpuid value limit enabled

                cpu tm function enabled

                execute disable bit enabled


                memory remap feature enabled

                configure dram timing by spd enabled

                initiate graphic adapter     peg/pci

                internal graphics mode select   8 mb

                peg force X1  enabled

                audio controller azalia

                front panel  hd audio  or avrack97??

                serial port 1 address 3F8 IRQ 4

                parallel port address 378

                parallel port ECP

                ECP  DMA3

                Parallel ....  IRQ7

                onboard pcie lan enabled

                lan option rom dsiabled


                cpu temperature 32,5 / 90 F

                Motherboard   31/87F

                cpu fan speed 2205 rpm

                chassis N/A

                power fan N/A

                VCORE 1,304V

                3,3 V voltage    3,328 V

                %v   5,196 V

                12V   12,144V


                ata/ide config   enhanced

                enhanced mode support S-ATA

                ide detect  35

                configure system    freq/voltage

                ai overclocking   auto

                dram   auto

                memory over auto

                1,25 auto

                VTT cpu auto

                1,5 auto

                Vcore auto


                is it evreything ok?