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    Unable to ping gateway with Intel PRO/100 onboard network controller


      I have a Compaq Deskpro EN which has an onboard Intel PRO/100 network controller. I recently upgraded to Windows XP Professional and noticed that I could not connect to the internet or ping my gateway. I have done the following research to rule out issues:


      - I updated with the latest PRO/100 driver with no change in behavior

      - I am able to ping other machines on the LAN, and those machines can ping this new one

      - I confirmed that ARP can see the gateway, which seems to make sense since DHCP did work

      - I disabled all firewalls and checked router to make sure no permit/deny rules would single out this one machine for issues

      - I attached another network adapter to this machine (Linksys Wired USB adapter) which works fine


      This leads me to believe it is an issue with the PRO/100 driver on XP, perhaps compatibility with Deskpro board. I saw some reference specific to Windows 2000 and multicast registry settings, but it did not seem to apply to XP (nor could I find the same multicast keys to edit in registry).


      Any ideas on what to try?