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    Laptop screen turns off temporarily when switching AC/battery


      Dear all,


      I have a new computer, i3 with plenty of memory and that works fine. However, every time I switch between AC and battery it takes a second or two and then the screen blanks out (turns completely black or, possibly, off) for 0.5-1 second and then on again. I've tried different settings and they make no difference. I posted on the Lenovo forums (this is a Lenovo X201i) and managed to identify that it has to do with the IGFX processes (four of them) being run on my machine. If I forcefully shut down these four processes, I no longer have the problem.


      Any ideas of what may be the problem? How I can solve it? This does not really affect any of the programs or my work, but it is REALLY annoying.


      I realize that I am using a Lenovo specific driver for the Intel Graphics (, but I'm not sure this is a "feature" added by Lenovo. Also, I haven't been able to find a solution with the Lenovo people. FYI, here's the discussion on the Lenovo community board:


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          Anybody? There are well over 600 views, but nobody has experienced this annoying bug or has any ideas of how to (possibly) solve it?

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            Very strange.


            Suddenly, when shifting from AC to battery, I noticed that the problem is gone. I did install a new monitor driver as well as the new power management driver about a week ago, but that didn't make a difference. I've also installed a couple of applications, but nothing that should have any effect on the Intel graphics drivers. Also, I installed an updated driver for Thinkpad bluetooth with enhanced data rate and that turned on my bluetooth antenna by default (it was always off before). But I've done nothing to solve the problem.


            Somehow it is gone now. I've tried to dis- and reconnect the power cord multiple times, even after restart, and it seems the screen works fine - it doesn't shut off. Turning on or off bluetooth radio doesn't have any effect either.


            It is a mystery. But I am very happy that this annoying screen shutoff is gone.