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    S3420 standby question


      I've just acquired a S3420GPLX motherboard, along with Kingston registered 2x2Gb RDIMM (on the approved list) and a Xeon X3450 processor.  It's housed in a non-Intel chassis and I'm using a 700W power supply (not on the approved list, but meets or exceeds all the specifications per the S3420 technical spec).  I've got 5x SATA-II HDD's connected to the onboard controller, nothing else.  The system runs very well at this stage.  However, I cannot get it to standby in ACPI S3 mode.  Windows (I've tried Server 2003 SP2 32-bit, Win 7 x64 and Server 2008 SP2 x64) powercfg utility (running powercfg -a) indicates that S3 is not supported by the firmware.  S1 works fine.  I'd really like to get S3 to work as it offers significant power saving opportunities.


      The problem that I've got is I cannot find anywhere in the BIOS to enable S3.  It shouldn't be a chipset limitation as the Supermicro X8SIA-F, which is very similar to the S3420GPLX, does allow this.  I've tried the dumppo utility too, no luck.  Intel support unfortunately won't look past the fact that the power supply is not on the approved list, so I can't even get other alternatives to consider.  To my mind, the fact that a power supply isn't officially tested doesn't mean it's incompatible, it may be an issue but perhaps not - so I'd like to try any other options before shelling out for an official powersupply which may not even be the cause of the problem (i.e. it's an expensive guess).


      Can anyone suggest any method to use to enable S3 or is it really honestly 100% a powersupply issue (which I find difficult to believe, but I'll keep an open mind here)?  Has anyone managed to get it to work on your own systems?


      Thanks for your input.

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          I know S3 gets left out of a lot of server builds on purpose, since it's not assumed that a server board should ever be going to sleep.  The STS reports only mention S1 as a supported state.


          The workstation board S5520SC does support S3, but I don't think that information will help you very much.

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            Thanks, I've been doing quite a bit of research since I posted this and it seems to be the case - it's a pity we don't at least get given the choice though, since the 3420 chipset does support it according to the technical documentation.  Supermicro's board, which is very similar, initially looked like it did support it but their tech support says it doesn't either, so I guess it's correct to say that a server board generally won't offer this feature.