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    Physical Information of SCC chip and Heat-sink




      I'm working on thermal analysis of SCC and I need some physical information about the chip to be able to devlope a thermal model for it.


      I could not find any document containing these information. Would you please let me know if any kind of document stating the actuall chip dimensions and typical heat-sink characteristics is available?


      Normally intel provides these kind of information along with their CPU datasheet.



      Mohammadsadegh Sadri.

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          The SCC is not a product, and there really isn't a CPU datasheet for it. If the information is available, you can certainly have it. I'll pass your request around the hardware group. We've all been very busy here with the new sccKit 1.4.0 release and the upcoming sympsosium, and so I'm sorry if responses have been delayed.


          A while back Jim Held suggested that we look at power consumption in three cases: when the OS is idle, when the chip is in reset, and when the chip is running something intensive (like linpack); and that we do this for a number of systems. These measurements would give us a good baseline for thermal discussions. So far no one has had the time to do this, but it is a good idea and should be done. Do you have your own MCPC system? Can you report these measurements?

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            Dear Ted,

            Thanks for reply,


            Actually we have our own intel SCC based system here in Univ of Bologna.


            I have tried to perform a thermal simulation of SCC using some thermal models available around. ( customized to model SCC of course)


            Our simulation results track the real thermal behavior of the chip with a good level of accuraccy. (Thermal measurements in real world are near to our obtained numbers in simulation )


            In order to gain better results, with higher level of accuraccy, I need more information about the physical characterstics of the system. this consists the CPU itself, the heat-sink over it, and the base board on which all these components are installed.



            MohammadSadegh Sadri.

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              Still waiting....

              There should be a document describing the physical characteristics of the chip, heat-sink and SCC main board...

              Best Regards.

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                In response to your question, I did some measurements, running a  variety of stress tests. However, I find that my readings are very noisy ( see the post here: http://communities.intel.com/message/118280#118280 ). So, even after running the cpu to full utilization, my "counters" show a change of about 500 or so units, and the noise in the system is alos about the same. So, I was wondering, if you could really get clean readings from the counters on board SCC. If yes, can you please share your plots?


                Thanks a lot.


                Devendra Rai

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                  Hello Ted,


                  So I did not power measurements as you suggested but I found that my counters are really noisy (http://communities.intel.com/message/118280#118280). I put a post, sent some messages, and still dont have a clue on why is it that my readings are this noisy. Perhaps, if you can help here, I will have data that everyone can use.



                  Devendra Rai