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    Dx58so2 three evga sc gtx 580's


      hay guys got a question trying to run three gtx580,s on the dx58s02 board and am having trouble!!!!first problem is the board reports -pci-e 1 -16 + pci-e- 2 8+ pci-e 3- 8+ the technical documentation says 16-16-8 pci-e so im getting 16-8-8??? and on top of that i am trying to run 2d surround with three of the same monitors my old configuration was dx58so with 1000watt psu 2 gtx 480's sli 2d surround and it was great!! new spec's i7 960 1200watt coursair ax gold psu dx58so2 dominator 2000mgz mem running at 1333 wile i trouble shoot these issues.intel 120gb 510 ssd and h-50 push pull water cooler i am not able to get all three monitors to work when i enable 2d surround the computer freeks out one screen on one off and the other blinking!#@%**%^# the system will work on one monitor with 3-way sli enabled but my 3d mark vantage scores are the same as my old system??34000-34700 thay should be arround 53000 as i have been told.now for the really weird thing i called intel about the 16-8-8 pci-e  problem and they asked for all and i mean ALL my system spec's and said they were going to build my system in there lab and try to duplicat my perticuler issue CAN ANYONE RELATE TO MY DX58S02 PROUBLEMS OR ANY SOLLUTIONS  thanks tim