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    bios updating ebiospost error message


      i just installed new bios updated to correct ram say 3.25gbs to 4gbs in vista, i had the ck94510J.15a.0038 drivers and updated to ck94510j.15a.0064 and when it was finishing installation, it booted and all that and when the vista symbol came up before it loads the explorer i got a EBIOSPOST .exe error saying it couldnt run program. I checked m,y bios and it said the version changed to the newer one and atm i havent had any issues but im must assume since the readme said that i would get a confirmation page coming up were id click that it installed correctly and since it didnt come up like i was saying it must not have installed correctly so will this mess things up on my comp is there a fix and or can i fix this somehow, thanks.