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    DP67BG + I5 2500




      I have a DP67BG motherboard and I wanted to use it with a I5 2500.

      The first time I press the on button it gives, on the little lcd display on the board, a 00 code and stall until I pull the plug.

      For further testing I change the memory, the vga nothing helped.


      I send it to intel for a Waranty exchange. Few days later I tried again with the same cpu, again nothing helped.


      Once more I asked for a new board with the warranty exchange.

      Today with the third motherboard again didn’t boot up and now without any display on the lcd.


      When I take the cpu out and start the motherboard it power off automatically I presume it’s normal.


      Has anyone has a similar problem with a I5 2500 , when I look up for the I5 2500 it’s compatible with this motherboard. Has anyone suggestions or ideas , please?