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    RAID Autodetect /ATA or AHCI




      I have a desktop computer running Windows XP Professional that has very quick disk access. I have two questions: 1) I would like to download an Intel utility that auto configures the disk access system.  I have used the utility before but now I can't find it.   2) I want to install a Hot Swap Hard Drive Caddy and I don't know how to configure the BIOS.  Can someone help me?


      According to Device Manager the system uses Intel 82801 FB Ultra ATA Controllers 2652 and 82801 FBM Ultra ATA Controler 266F.  There is one hard drive installed, however Device Manager shows one at PCI bus 0, device 31, function 2, and another at PCI bus 0, device 31, function 1.  Physically there is one Seagate Barracuda, model ST3500418AS, 500GB.


      According to Intel, System Indentiications Utility the motherboard manufacturer is Intel, model OU7077, Dell BIOS A09 release date 07/07/06.  According to BIOS Setup Manager the system is Dell Dimension 8400 with the following Drives:

           Drive 0 SATA-O ATA  on

           Drive 1 SATA -1 ATA  on

           Drive 2 SATA- 2 ATA  off

           Drive 3 SATA -3 ATA  off

           Drive 4 PATA - 0 off

           Drive 5 PATA - 1off

      SATA Opertions are:

           RAID Autodetect /AHCI   off

           RAID Autodetect/ATA     on    

           RAID                             off

           Combination                   off


      I am trying to install a Hot Swap Hard Drive Caddy. When I place a hard drive in the Caddy the OS doesn't see it. The SATA Operations controller is set to RAID Autodetect /ATA  Might this be the cause of the problem? I don't understand the difference between RAID AHCI and RAID ATA. Can someone help me?