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    weird motherboard behavior


      i have a new DQ45CB board. im puzzled why it reboots everytime i plug or unplug a peripheral device like an external usb hard drive.

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          65 views and no inputs?


          im just leaning towards a short. tested last night and looks like all other ports are fine except for the esata port.

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            Hi val,


            I would suggest testing the board outside the chassis and using the back panel usb ports rather than using a connected front panel (if you are).


            As you say, a possible short between board and chassis could be causing the reboots, I have known shorts on eSATA port with I/O shield so it may be worth testing the issue without I/O shield and then re-integrating.


            best of luck



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              mind sharing how you corrected the short circuit problem. taking it out of the chassis is easier said than done in my case so if i can just take care of the short without having to lug this heavy box down to the basement itll be awesome.