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    RAID behavior on imbedded ICH10R controller.


      I was wondering how the ICH10R controller would handle a disk developing bad sector(s). I was a little worried that if the RAID controller doesn't manage the data and disk errors correctly, it may not be totally worth mirroring.


      Will it detect this and either mark that sector or disk as bad, or will it write to the bad sector and then propagate any bad data to the good drive?

      If it recognizes that the disk is bad but does not mark the whole drive as bad, does it just reallocate/remap a good sector and continue with business as usual?

      And if so, when does it report SMART errors? (The bad Samsung drive has way more soft read errors than it allowed in the SMART error threshold and the Intel controller running in SATA mode didn't report anything wrong.)

      How does it reconcile differences between the drives should the data be written to both and in between the time it's written and the time the data is read again the sector goes bad?


      Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!