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    Maybe a DH55HC problem ?


      Hi together,

      i have a big Problem:

      I use a pc with following components..


      Intel DH55HC board

      Core i3

      2x2GB Kingston 1333 RAM


      Windows XP Home

      I installed windows and all mb drivers from the driver cd.

      additional to the windows xp i have installed sqlserver 2005 express version to save some datas.. i updated the windows to sp 3.. theres no other software on the pc. Now the pc runs some days very good.. the i got errors like not enouth quotas or not enough system ressources if i want to do anything.


      i reinstalled everything.. but the same problem. .. are there any known issues with driver memory leaks ? the only part i changed in my system is the mainboard. i used the same memory and the same cpu and the same software with other boards and there are no problems.


      I hope someone can help me