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    How can I access CPU temperature, Intel Xeon Irwindale ?


      Hello !!

      I am a research PhD student at Arizona State University and am REALLY STRUGGLING trying to get anything to read my CPU temperature. I am working on an IBM eServer  xSeries 336 type 1879 server blade with an Intel Xeon Irwindale 64-bit CPU. OS is Windows 2003 x64 Enterprise SP2.

      Anyway, wow, I thought this should be sooo simple....I've tried lots of CPU temp programs...voltages show but temps do not.


      I read through some Intel docs like CPU Monitoring With DTS/PECI, but I think my Xeon Irwindale predates DTS.  I also read through Intel Xeon Processor -Thermal management but no clue what software can read Thermal Sensor and Thermal Reference Byte information off the SMBus.  I tried Intel's program to detect temps but, since I have an IBM motherboard, no go.


      A)  How can I read my CPU's temp?

      B) Is it possible to gauge CPU power?


      Thanks in advance,