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    [HD Graphics 2000] Windows hangs in Direct3D applications and WinSAT


      Hello, Intel support community!


      I have an issue with Intel HD Graphics 2000 (integrated in Corei3-2100) in Windows7 x64 Ent (mobo: ecs h67-h2-m3).

      System hangs in every Direct3D application and WinSAT. For example, I tried to launch games such as Civ5 (in DirectX9 and DirectX10/11 modes), Colin McRae 2, FIFA 11.

      Civ5 hangs while loading maps. Colin McRae 2 also hangs in "loading"' screen. However, FIFA 11 hangs only in special graphics scenes such as "goal celebration". WinSAT hangs on desktop perfomance estimation step.


      I have the latest drivers - This issue not relates to screen resolution (I tried different standart resolutions). All of this applications work well with discrete graphics adapter (in my case this is nvidia 8600GT).


      So my question is the following: How to report about issues to Intel? Is there any bug report/tracking system? What should I do in this situation?


      UPDATED 23.03.2011: As described here Intel Corei3 HD Graphics has compatibility issues with Civ5 in directX11 mode and 2kgames recommends to use directX9 mode or discrete adapter. I think Intel should remove Civ5 from List of playable games with built-in Intel® HD Graphics