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    Problem With Embedded Server RAID Technology  II Boot Drive




      After a new instalation Windows 2003 SBS on an INTEL Server Board S5000VSA I have the the below problem


      The Operating system windows 2003 is working  OK.


      Always when i make a restart to the system my server is not booting from the  RAID Controller and all drives are in ready state.

      to solve the problem always When the boot starts i have to press ctrl + E to  go inside the bios controller setting


      i select configure

      i select view / add devices

      i am changing from ready state the logical disks to on-line and i press f10

      i select span and f10

      i select raid5

      and finishing at the end with save configuration.


      after that i select boot LD     AND IS OK

      I am makeing restart with alt +ctrl + del and the system boots from the raid controller and is working fine until the next restart of the system


      What i have to do so the setting will stay permanetly on the system


      Best Regards


      Stavros Sapountzoglou