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    D510MO trouble with LAN




      I bought a D510MO motherboard, and im running it as a Windows Homeserver.


      I have this rather odd problem, that i cant seem to figure out whats causing it.


      After a random amount of time, the network card, will simply refuse to recieve and send data, ipconfig /release and /renew doesnt work, The only two solutions is either a) pull out the network cable and reinsert it, or reboot the machine.


      ive tried the following:


      a) Upgrade the bios of the motherboard to the newest version

      b) switcing out the network cable

      c) switching the network driver, both with one from the intel download and from realtek.com.tw


      Ive also looked in the eventlog of the machine, and it shows absolutely nothing.


      As this is a 24/7 headless machine, its pretty annoying that i cannot count on it having IP all the time.


      Anyone else experieced anything? should i RMA it, or wait for a bios update?

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          The same problem.

          Some day LAN card on D510MO changed ethernet address

          It's fallen to plant settings. F.e. it was e0:cb:11:22:33:44, now it is e0:cb:00:00:00:00.

          How can I fix this problem and restore ethernet address - I dont know.

          Please help who knows how to fix the problem.

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            In my case I found that the D510MO lan port could not drive a

            long ethernet cable. I had to put a cheap 8-port switch in between

            and connect the D510MO to the switch by a 1.5 meter cable.



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