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    confusion about vpro supported cpu


      Hi there


      I'd be interested using vpro features with my new pc but I'm highly confused about the supported cpu

      So does all core i5/i7 support vpro?

      I had a look here http://ark.intel.com/ProductCollection.aspx?familyID=42912&MarketSegment=DT

      and special on this one http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=43550&processor=i5-660&spec-codes=SLBLV,SLBTK

      but there are no information about vpro support of this processor


      I also tried to to find out reseller for vpro core i5/i7 but could not find any information.

      So I'm hardly assuming that I can use a normal core i5 660 processor and it supports vpro out of the box?



      So I'd appreciate if you could tell me that it would be okay to buy a mainboard supporting vpro and the cure i5 660 to enjoy vpro features or if I have to look for a special processor supporting vpro


      Kind regards,