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    82578DC Gigabit LAN drivers


      I updated drivers suggested by the Intel inspector, which resulted in my install of the latest IntelPRO drivers, which caused my system to stop responding to DHCP configuration. I rolled back the drivers, but the problem continues. I've solved it by forcing the adapter to a static address, and it communicates just fine with the server with the DHCP server on it. So its not a connectivity issue. The DHCP server is correctly identified by the other computers on the network (except for a similar vintage one which we also upgraded to the latest IntelPRO drivers at the same time, which behaves the same way.

      I find no mention anywhere on the web of this issue.

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          What version of Windows* are you using? 32-bit or 64-bit? What make and model is your computer? What was the driver version after you upgraded, and what version do you have after rolling back the driver?


          Are you getting any message in the Windows* event log about the DHCP failure? Do you see any other messages about the network connection in the Windows* event log.


          You could try unintstalling Intel(R) Network Connections using remove programs in the Windows* control panel. Make sure you have your driver disk or a driver package that you downloaded from the Web before you uninstall the drivers, because you will lose your connection.


          If you want to get back to the way you were, you could try using a Windows* restore point to go back to before you upgraded the driver. The Windows* driver rollback will only roll back the driver and not the other network software that was likely updated at the same time your driver was updated. Restoring Windows* will roll back other system changes instead of just rolling back the driver.


          Let me know if you have any questions about any of this.


          Mark H

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            Very good suggestions. Chalk this up to another case of user error. The problem was in the DHCP server all along, there is nothing wrong with the updates, though I am not on the latest one because when I discovered the error I'd already spent far too long on it. As Maxwell Smart used to say, "Sorry about that, chief."


            I did go to the DHCP server first, but for some reason I inferred it was working correctly on other systems on the net when it wasn't.

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              I am happy that your found a resolution. I think everyone has run into a situation where they made an invalid assumption when troubleshooting. I know I have done it, and unfoturnately I will probably do it again in the future. I hope you have a great weekend.


              Mark H