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    AMT machine log data in SCCM DB



      My customer is using SCCM SP1 to manage vPro machine. We saw a lot of AMT log data in OOB console, they hoped that they can run a customed report to collect the information and filter some useful information for IT analysis. But they don't know the SCCM SP1 AMT DB structure and whether it was stored in DB. Does anyone know it and can share how to collect the data from DB?












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          The content displayed in the SCCM SP1 Out of Band Console is pulled live from the AMT client and is not stored within SCCM.  If the customer is looking to pull and store the information, they would be required to have a custom solution developed; a combination of the AMT DTK and SCCM SDK could be used to develop that custom solution. 



          I would also recommend that the customer directly solicits Microsoft for this feature request to see if it could be included as part of a feature release of SCCM.



          --Matt Royer