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    No Beeps, No Video


      Hello everybody. I have a problem with an INTEL D845GBV MoBo, PIV 1.6 GHZ (I bought it on ebay and the seller insisted that it was working and it would be something happened in the shipping matter).


      The truth is that the fan works, the processor gets heat and the video chip also.In other words you feel heat in many place of the mobo.The lights turn on (before i unpluged everything and i take off the MoBo from the tower), seeming that the PC is running but I can't see anything on the monitor, just the green led blinking. The monitor is ok because i tested it in another machine. The caps on the MoBo seem ok. I veiwing the Mobo carefuly and i don´t see anything burned. Everything is clear, nothing dark, any burned smell. I tryed almost everything, another video card (AGP and PCI), another memory module, another PSU, and nothing happens. It stills without video. The weird thing is that i have another INTEL MoBo with a PIII and it does the same thing. One day it turned off and then it took this behavior. No video, no beeps on board.

      I was reading that many people have this type of problem meaning that it is not rare. Seems that it could be sure that something is cutting the video signal, but what can it be if the video chip gets heat?.

      I hope that somebody here can give some clue in order to solve that because i can't beleive that the Mobo is burned and we have to replace it.

      Thanks in advance. I hope that in an INTEL forum somebody can help me because it is hard to understand what could be happen !!