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    SSD 510 compatibility problems with Macbook Pro




      it seems there is a compatibility problem between the Intel 510 Solid State Disks and the new (early 2011) Macbook Pro. A lot of people (including me) are experiencing problems with this SSD in their new Macbook Pros. See for example



      http://www.macuser.de/forum/f10/welche-ssd-fuer-425659/index107.html (German)


      To be fair, there seem to be similar problems with Crucials C300



      The problem may be related to the SATA 3 mode utilized between the mentioned SSDs and the Intel Sandy Bridge SATA-Controller. I don't know and can't tell if Apple or Intel are responsible for these problems, but I think it is in the uttermost interest of Intel to resolve them (or make Apple resolve them). Otherwise Intel will have a hard time selling new SSDs to Apple owners...


      The Intel SSD FAQ states:

      All Intel Mainstream Solid-State Drives are tested and validated on the latest Intel-based notebook and desktop platforms.


      I bought Intel for getting a reliable SSD for use in my Intel based notebook. Now it isn't working properly at all. I'm very disappointed.




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