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    WiFi-wiMAX Pager for disabled people


      Just as I have come upon the Fuse  Box WiFi text messaging device to answer my need for a reminder pager for disabled people, responding in the home to the LAN from a calender on the home computer. The client, family or the therapist's office can make calendar entries, (even as real time text messaging.over the web.)



      Now, you have just done a very good job of convincing me that I need to consider a hybrid pager that also has the extended reach of wiMAX. Is this an added chip? A full redesign? An all  new kluge? Where will I find it? I do want the best solution for our clients. Can someone offer advice? Anyway, congratulations  on forwarding wiMAX, if Pakistan can do it so can we.



      Thanks,   John Feick



      TBI Refocus / Cope-Ability