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    Intel Pro 1000 will not operate at GIG with Cisco Switch



      I have a Windows 7 32-bit machine with an Intel pro 1000 Nic card which is connnect to a Cisco 3750 Switch 10/100/1000. I am having the following issue. If I have the switch port the pc is connected to set to autonegotiate and the Intel pro 1000 nic set to autonegotiate the Nic will run at 100mb instead of properly autonegotiating to a gig. I have then tried to hardcode a full duplex gigabyte setting into the Cisco 3750 switch and the Intel pro 1000 Nic. The nic card will flake out and turn off. If I set the port on the Cisco switch to 100mb and the Intel Pro to 100mb then it operates fine at full duplex 100mb. I have the latest driver installed for the Intel pro 1000 and have looked high and low for an answer but have yet to run across a solution. I have to have a gig connection on this machine for an application that is running. I know I could try another type of Nic card but I want to find a solution with the Intel pro 1000.  Can't figure out why I can't get this card to run at a gig with the Cisco 3750 switch. Thanks.