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    Erratic/ Faulty LED Operation


      I’ve built a new PC around an Intel DP55KG Motherboard.


      On booting the PC up for the first time about three weeks ago I noticed that the Power LED on the case did not illuminate.  A few days later I noticed it was working. A bit later it went into an erratic phase going on & off it then stayed off for several days. Having checked connections & polarity (it is connected to the alternate power three pin LED header) I assumed the simplest conclusion that the LED  was faulty & requested a replacement LED from Antec the case manufacture under warranty which should arrive in a few days: shortly after it started working again. I then had to remove it so that I could send a picture & description to Antec.


      During the above phase the HDD LED  on the case was operating as expected ie on most of the time but occasionally dipping off. It then went off permanently. I was now getting uneasy because two LEDs which are normally so reliable appear to have failed.  In order to test its function I transferred its connector from the HDD LED header to the adjacent two pin (non alternative) Power LED Header. The LED stayed off supporting the likelihood that the HDD LED was also faulty I have now requested a second replacement LED from Antec. In the meantime the HDD LED which is still connected to the non-alternative Power LED Header has started working again.


      Obviously the situation should become rather clearer when I am able to carry out some tests with the replacement LEDs but I am suspicious that I have faults on the board or there is some more subtle aspect of the board’s operation that I do not understand. I can find no reference to the LEDs in the BIOS settings.


      The board is in all other respects working fine.


      Can anybody offer any help .I want if at all possible to avoid having to dismantle the PC & return the board for exchange?


      CPU: Intel i5-760

      Motherboard: Intel  DP55KG ATX

      Graphics Card: Saphire HD 5770 Vapour X

      RAM: 16Gb DDR3 1333

      Sound Card: ASUS Xonar Essence STX

      HDDs:  Samsung F3 HD103SJ 1TB x2, F4 HD 204UI 2Tb x1

      DVD writer:  Samsung SH-S222A/BEBE