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    Windows 2008R2 HyperV Driver Crash BSOD



      1/ I have the same problem with 2 systems:


      • config1
        quad opteron 8347HE
        64GB will be extended to 96GB
        2 Intel dual port ET 82576 E1G42ET
        mobo Tyan S4989


      • config2
        quad opteron 8350
        32GB will be extended to 64GB
        2 Intel dual port ET 82576
        mobo Tyan S4985-E


      Windows 2008 R2 HyperV (SP1 do not solve problem)
      need VMQ and VMB
      Drivers 14.7 OK.

      Drivers 15.0, 15.5, 16.0 BSOD as soon as HyperV services are enabled and VMs start.
      driver WinUpdate via MS crash!
      I have tried many different parameters tweaks. No luck as soon as VM Queues are enabled.


      Any idea?


      2/ My customer want to buy many quad ET 82576 E1G44ET2
      and 82599 X520-T2 E10G42BT for actual systems

      and new systems based on Tyan S8812, S8225,S8232, Supermicro H8QG6-F-O and H8DGI-F-O


      Do you think pb will be the same with theses interfaces/mobo?


      Thank a lot for help.
      Best Regards