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    Losing network connectivity


      18 months ago i installed 22 new systems in an account of mine, all using DG41TY desktop boards running XP professional SP3,and they have all been running flawlessly. A month ago one of them lost network connectivity so I proceeded to troubleshoot the problem. All wiring an switches etc seemed to be ok, so I took it back to the shop to fix it. When i got in the next morning I plugged it in to my bench and network and it was working just fine. I took it back to my customers office plugged it in and Lo and Behold, perfect. As time has gone by since then it has happened 7 times, the same fix. just overnight without connection. This is driving me bats, any ideas.


      XP Pro SP3

      Security ESsentials

      Windows firewall

      4 GB ram

      DG41TY Mb

      Dual monitor support