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    Intel 82801GR Raid Controller, SATA drive replacement


      I see no more appropriate discussion "center" to submit this question; if there is, please let me know how to get there - or (Intel) - please resubmit on my behalf to the appropriate forum.


      I'm working on a clone server with an Intel motherboard including a  Intel 82801GR Raid Controller, on which one of the SATA drives failed.  Upon replacement of the drive, the RAID bios/ post showed it as recognizing the drive and apparently then spawned a CHKDSK process.  When that completed, it said it would restart the computer - but did not (after waiting 10 minutes for it to restart).


      I powered cycled the machine, and after POST it proceeded to restart Windows - with Win 2003 server splash screen and progress indicator.  Then it rebooted, starting a Windows boot process again - lather, rinse, infinitely (presumed) repeat.  Attempting to restart in any version of safe mode only resulted in a reboot.  Final clue to resolving was stopping auto restart upon boot failure - identifying that the software hive was corrupt -


      Stop: c0000218 {Registry File Failure} The registry cannot load the hive (file): \SystemRoot\System32\Config\SOFTWARE or its log or alternate
      I replaced this with the repair file and the server is booting (and working) fine now - except with the RAID/mirror drive (single of pair) drive removed - I don't want to corrupt it again.
      Q:  How do I add the new drive to the system without having it corrupt the registry?  What is the actual process to do so (as opposed to the Intel Storage Matrix docs - which are sketchy as to process and time frames)?