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    Desktop Board DX58SO2 will not boot when using RAID Card



      I am having difficulity getting my PC to boot up once installing a RAID card on my Desktop Board DX58SO2.  This is a new PC build and I am adding a card to support 4 additional SATA hard drives not in a RAID configuration.  The PC will boot up fine if no hard drives are connected to the card or if there is no data on the hard drives, but once anything is saved to any of the hard drives connected the bios stops after loading the card and leave me with a flashing cursor.  I have tried 3 different cards and all have the same effect.  I have installed two of these cards on other PCs (all running Windows 7 64 bit) with no problem so the problem appears to be a compatibility with this motherboard.  It appears that the first SATA controller to load is the SATA III controller, then the RAID card, then the SATA II controller on the mother board then finally the eSATA controller.  Is there a way in the bios to re-order which SATA controler loads first so that the SATA II controller on the motherboard loads first and therefore loads the operating system?


      Desktop Board DX58SO2

      HighPoint RocketRAID 2640X4