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    S5520SC and USB ISO Packet Errors


      I have an S5520SC system that reports large numbers of USB ISO Packet Errors when attempting to use a USB headset (Microsoft LX-3000). This occurs under both Windows Server 2008R2 and Windows 7 x64. The driver tool on the Intel support website reports that all the drivers are up to date.


      With an ATI 3650 the system reports ~700 iso packet errors per second. There's a periodic effect where every 15seconds the error rate drops and the audio becomes audible again. Curiously, shaking a window around on screen appears to halve the packet error rate. So I switched to an NVidia Quadro FX 1500, where errors are less frequent, but still produce intermittent break up.


      DPC latency looks fine during playback. The machine is idle aside from running mediaplayer to play audio.


      The headset works fine on the HP XW4600 workstation that I'm attempting to retire.


      Any ideas about where to look next?



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          I'd really appreciate some help here so I've attached driver and firmware details in case someone is able to use this.


          Being able to use the system for video-conferencing is an unfortunate necessity. If the board can't support USB audio, it's not going to cut it with a USB camera (with integrated mic) or the current USB headset.





          The chipset drivers are:


          Intel® 5500/5520/3400 Chipset Driver for Windows*

          Intel® Chipset Device Software installs Microsoft Windows* INF files to the target system.

          OS: Windows 7*, Windows Server 2003*, Windows Server ....More Windows 7*, Windows Server 2003*, Windows Server 2008*, Windows Vista*, Windows XP*>






          System Specs are:



          MotherboardIntel S5520SC
          CaseIntel SC5650UP
          Power SupplyCorsair AX750 Modular PSU
          Disk Controller ModeAHCI
          Additional cardsATI Radeon 3650
          PROCESSORSingle X5650 @ default 2.67GHz
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            Dumb question - if you test a USB camera (or any other device besides the headphones) are you still getting so many errors?

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              On the S5520SC:


              • Video works without glitches and no ISO packet errors in performance monitor.
              • Capture from the headset microphone does not generate any USB ISO packet errors.
              • Playback of any audio files and/or live audio and/or system sounds produces errors galore.


              I've attached output from sysinfo in case that's of interest.


              Options at this point seem to be:

              • Buy a different USB headset.
              • Buy a USB expansion card and try that. This has worked for driver bugs in another vendors USB driver (in that case video).





              PS One stupidity is that the case is an SC5650UP rather than SC5650DP. Had to buy an different PSU as it was unclear what the associated PSU would be. This means there's no AUX POWER connection. The system info seems blissfully unaware that it's an Intel chassis and the part number. Is this info normally gleaned over I2C (or somesuch) on the AUX POWER lines?

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                Using a third party USB expansion card (Transcend TS-PDU3), audio playback works fine without the USB ISO Packet Errors.


                The bug would appear to lie with Intel's USB driver for the S5520 chipset.