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    Display Identity Problems with Intel HD Graphics




      I am having a hard time fixing a issue that I have with my computer. I am currently using a motherboard with Intel HD Graphics, that has a VGA and HDMI out. I have a main monitor connected to the VGA port and a Samsung 40in HDTV connected to the HDMI port and I am using the TV as the extended desktop so I can watch tv shows over the internet. When I first hooked up the TV I noticed that windows 7 changed my monitor to the "2" position (The Projector position) and made the TV the "1" position (main display position), even though the monitor is selected as the main display. I didn't think much of this because the tv was working.


      My Problem:


      Whenever I turn the TV off my primary display (The monitor) loses the toolbar and all icons and it seems that because it is in the "2" position it will not show anything but the extended desktop wallpaper and I have to turn the tv back on for the desktop to reappear on the monitor. Also, even though the Intel Graphics Software shows the monitor as the primary display and the tv as the secondary display, the numbers are still wrong with the windows 7 display settings.

      I have also attempted using the cloning setting and the monitor only setting and I still get the same result if the tv is turned off.


      So far I haven't been able to find any solutions for this issue except pulling the hdmi cable out.


      Any one have any suggestions?