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    HP 6910p units that will not remote configure nor remote provision?


      Looking for feedback from the community on the following:


      HP 6910p units with AMT 2.6.1 - unable to remote provisioning or configure (i.e. certificate based provisioning, PKI-CH, etc)


      In a batch of 40 units that have been updated, 1 of the units does not work with remote configuration.  Further testing and investigation reveals the certificate hashes did not get loaded into the firmware.  If using vPro Activator utility - the output will highlight "Not Ready" for remote configuration, and usually ends with an exit code 6. 


      On systems where this has been experience - BIOS F.10 and F.13


      USB one-touch (i.e. preshared key) works just fine on the units


      Anyone else experiencing this on HP 6910p units?  It doesn't appear very often - just on an occasional box.


      Since the units I'm using are often used in labs, teaching environments, etc - I have to admit that they go through a little more use\abuse on OS loads, firmware updates, and so forth...