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    DP67BG "Burrage" incompatible with Cooler Master Silent Pro 1000W PSU?


      I do not know if anyone will be able to help me with this one, Cooler Master has already let me know that they have no idea as to what the problem is and that I should replace the Unit.


      I have but a few days ago purchased a Cooler Master Silent Pro 80+Gold PSU and it simply will not supply the needed power to my motherboard to feed the CPU, RAM, VGA card, etc.


      I have connected the PSU to a different PC (a core 2 quad with a 775 Intel motherboard, with one 24 pin plug and another 4pin pci plug) and it works perfectly. I have also connected a 700W Sparkle 80+gold psu to my system with the intel dp67bg board, and it powers the machine up without a problem.


      When the 1000W coolermaster is connected, the only components that do receive power and goes on when I switch the pc on, are the case fans, cpu cooler fan, and some LEDs on the board.


      The Intel DP67BG has a couple of LEDs towards the bottom that are supposed to go on and shine yellow when the various PC components are receiving power. When you switch the system on, and all components are booting successfully, these lights shine green, at least, that is what is supposed to happen and does happen when the 700W Sparkle psu is connected. When the CM 1000W silent pro is connected and switched on, these lights simply will not shine. A few other lights, like the blue power LED and the skull do shine, but that is all.


      The Intel DP67BG has a 24 pin pci port, and an 8 pin pci port. The cm psu does not have an eight pin pci plug, however it does have 2 sets of 2 x 4 pin pci connectors. according to the product manual of the motherboard, it does accept 2 x 4pin pci plugs. These connectors are supposed to feed the cpu and other components, but that is not happening... when I switch on the pc, only the fans start to blow, everything else is dead.


      Has anyone else ever had this problem ?

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          I have the exact same issue with this board and a CM Silent Pro Gold 700w PSU. The board works fine - tried it with another decent PSU and a totally crap one from a Dell desktop. Gutted, as they're both now out of the 7 day no quibble return. E-retailer was next to useless. I'll be avoiding CM products in future.


          Awaiting a response from CM support on the issue. I'll post an update if they have anything useful to say.

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            This board is really finicky when it comes to power supplies.  I have read other posts with people having problems with Antec power supplies too.

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              I'm in process of RMA with a Corsair TX650 v2, failed to boot DP67, but booted my DH67 which uses a single 4 way aux power connector


              Currently using a Corsair AX750 with no issues

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                No word from CM yet, they are looking into it for me. I had a fairly long chat with an Intel Customer Support agent who, while very helpful, seemed happy that instructing me to update the BIOS and failing that, swapping it out under warranty, would absolve them of any responsibility. After a little pushing, they agreed that there was some mileage in escalating it to higher level support for a possible fix/explanation, which I have now done. I await their reply with baited breath


                They did link me this: http://www.intel.com/reseller/psu_selector/


                I understand that only those PSU's listed are guaranteed to work with my board. My PSU is not on that list. The service agent hinted that I should simply accept that the products are not compatible and because it's not on that list, Intel won't stand behind the PSU or board. I am sure I'm not the first person to fall foul of this 'compatibility' issue, but I don't accept that - if they are not compatible, they should tell you before you buy the product. If that's not possible it should be pulled from sale.

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                  the above post under and the one under the name 'swiss99' was me -  I'm new to this forum and didn't realise I wasn't logged in

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                    Halo, this the original poster!


                    Intel hasn't got back to me yet, but the technical support at the e-retailer told me that they have had a handful of similar cases in the past. It seems that some psu's are simply incompatible with certain motherboards. Nothing can be done without voiding the warranty, of course.


                    I got the retailer to swap the psu for me. They put up resistance initially, and tested the coolermaster psu with success on five different boards, but since none of the boards were the one I have, it was pointless, and they agreed to just swap it with a different unit instead of fannying about any further. I got a corsair 950W, which works fine. (It has an 8pin pci connector)


                    I wish I could have tested the dp67bg with a cooler master real power pro 1000W; it comes with an 8 pin pci connector as well. Perhaps that is the issue? The cm silent pro only had 4pin pci connectors. I'm no hardware expert, but sometimes the problem is something really unexpectedly simple and stupid. Unfortunately the retailer said if I replaced the silent pro with another cooler master unit, they would not be so kind as to replace it a second time if it indeed also had a compatibility issue.


                    Swiss, you must keep on complaining until the retailer replaces it for you. Get on your rear legs and kick like an indignant stallion! Resort to setting a monk on fire in front of the store, if you must.




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                      Next time I will definitely consult a list like that before making a purchase. The manual that came with the board has a section covering psu compatibility, but it only states the basic obvious stuff, like that the board requires a 24pin and 8pin (or 2x4pin) connector etc.


                      If they can include in the manual a list of units that are supported, it would be most helpful, or, even better, a list of units that are not supported or that were not tested with the board.


                      This was only the second pc i've put together myself, and I was under the false impression that selecting a psu was a simple matter of making sure you have enough wattage and the right connectors. Luckily it wasn't an expensive lesson, the retailer swapped the psu for me with a corsair hx950W and paid the difference back into my bank account.

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                        Glad to hear you got some sort of resolution to the problem Poplap.


                        It would appear that I've run aground with both Intel tech support and my retailer. Intel, to their credit did get back to me, but couldn't give me an explanation as to why a PSU wouldn't work with a specific motherboard, if they match in spec - which they do as Intel acknowledged. The guy I spoke to was particularly confused by the fact my PSU worked with another motherboard, but not the Intel one. I suggested that he look at the forums and see that it's not a unique situation but all he agreed to do was 'try' to get hold of a CM Silent Pro Gold and test them together. This was just a gesture I'm sure and I don't put any faith in it. If they get back to me this week, great, but by next week, I'll have bought a new PSU and forgotten about the ridiculous episode, hopefully!


                        Coolermaster offered to look into it for me, so we'll see what they turn up. Interestingly, I found an FAQ on their web page which addresses this issue that we're having, so maybe it's more common than we think. Unfortunately, no-one has given me any reasons or tech knowledge as to why a PSU would work with one but not the other yet. So, until that changes I have no reason to believe that I'm anything other than caught in the middle of a hot potato game between intel and CM. They have both simply pointed to the other - lets hope CM come back with something and prove me wrong. If not, I'll be avoiding both in the future. Warranty returns are pointless - both products work, they're just incompatible.


                        As for my retailer (eBuyer), I've spent over 30 mins on the telephone to their tech/customer support and they offered me a swap on the board, but as it works (and I've burnt a Windows OEM code on the mobo), I didn't really see the point. They said they would be tested by them, but not with identical products, kind of defeating the point of me sending them back (I know they both work with other products). They flatly refused to do anything regarding the PSU, which to some extent I sypathise with their position over - I have no idea whether they would get any return from the manufacturer. Regardless, what annoyed me was that they seemed to intimate that as the products are 'simply incompatible' and that it's something that I as a consumer must bare the burden of. I refute this - all of our consumer laws are on my side of course - risk is and should always be, bourne by the retailer. The times of 'caveat emptor' are far behind us. One or both of the products are not fit for the purpose they were sold to me as and, perhaps that is the answer: send them both back and insist on a refund or let them figure it out. But then if I do that, I am a) without a computer for god knows how long and perhaps more importantly for practical reasons b) I'm down one OEM code anyway. SO it's kinda potato potatoe to me cost wise. I'll give them one last try after the bank hol. One thing's for sure: having spent somewhere between £1500-£2000 with them over the last 2 years, they'll never see another penny of my money unless they stock something that I must have, but can't obtain somewhere else. I'll use Scan; similar prices and it's close to me so I can pop into the store to test stuff.